Quality Assurance

This section contains essential testing materials administered by training staff and prescribing clinicians to trainees prior to becoming contraceptive counselors, and the quality assurance protocols for ongoing observation and evaluation of trained counselors in your organization.

Contraceptive Counseling Quality Assurance

This protocol ensures that the GATHER process is implemented correctly and that trainees and counselors are proficient in contraceptive knowledge and counseling skills

Test 1: Contraceptive Knowledge

The contraceptive knowledge oral examination is administered by a clinician prior to a trainee becoming a contraceptive counselor

Test 2: Contraceptive Counseling Script

Trainees will demonstrate their ability to implement the script as they would with patients

Test 3: GATHER Process

Trainees will demonstrate their ability to implement the entire contraceptive counseling session as they would with patients

Quarterly Observation

Quarterly observation ensures that contraceptive counselors are implementing the GATHER process correctly and maintaining optimal counseling skills