Advanced Practitioner Resources

This module provides family planning providers who work in primary care, pediatric or gynecological practice settings with evidence-based resources and provision guidelines, training and mentorship opportunities, and a LARC patient troubleshooting guide. This module can benefit all advanced practitioners, regardless of level of LARC experience.

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Provision Guides

This section contains evidence-based resources, algorithms, and eligibility criteria for prescribing contraception to all women, including teens. It includes guidelines for determining appropriate timing of LARC insertions, which can be a barrier to LARC use.
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LARC Insertion

This section contains continuing education opportunities for LARC insertion training and mentoring resources that are available nationwide for advanced practitioners. This list may not include all local and state-specific opportunities available to you.
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Troubleshooting LARC

This section contains best practices and protocols used by advanced practitioners at the Contraceptive CHOICE Project. This information will help you troubleshoot difficult LARC insertions, removals, and provide interim care.
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