Patient Management

This module provides information about best practices, successes, and challenges faced by the Contraceptive CHOICE Project in managing nearly 10,000 family planning patients. This includes a high degree of cross-training, managing patient concerns and providing reassurance and resources for STI testing and follow-up.

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Cross-training in the Contraceptive CHOICE Project was critical for decreasing patient wait times and improving overall clinic efficiency and flow. This module contains resources for cross-training staff in the LARC FIRST mission, as well as specific examples of cross-training tasks.
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Call Back System

A Clinician Call Back System provides an efficient way to manage patient concerns, which in turn may lead to higher continuation and satisfaction rates for all methods. This section details the CHOICE CCB system and addresses frequently asked questions about all methods.
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STI Resources

This section contains instructions and resource materials for sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing. The Contraceptive CHOICE Project used self-collected vaginal swabs, which improved clinic efficiency and allowed for annual home testing rather than return clinic visits.
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