This module introduces you to the essential elements that make a ‘LARC FIRST Practice’ and serves as a guide for the information and materials found throughout the Contraceptive CHOICE Project Resource Center. A LARC FIRST Practice acknowledges the three most common barriers to contraception: education, access, and affordability; and uses innovative approaches to overcome them.


Components, Barriers & Strategies

This section lists the essential elements of a LARC FIRST Practice, identifies barriers organizations face in addressing each component, and provides effective strategies toward overcoming barriers. This section serves as a baseline for navigating through the Resource Center.
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LARC Financial Resources

This section contains national resources to help patients with the upfront cost of LARC devices. Your patients may be eligible to access LARC at discounted rates, or pay for devices incrementally through established payment plans. This list does not include local and state-specific programs.
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This section contains ideas for how to structure the physical environment and patient flow within your LARC First Practice. Prioritizing environment helps to ensure an optimal use of space, time and staff, and promotes the importance of the patient’s overall experience.
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Marketing & Awareness

This section contains tools and materials that you can use in your practice and in the local community to create awareness about LARC and promote LARC use among all women, including teens. Marketing your LARC First Practice is key to extending your reach beyond current patients.
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