The Evidence

The Contraceptive CHOICE Project developed a model of contraceptive care that resulted in significant reductions in unintended pregnancy, teen pregnancy, and abortion. This holds promising implications for real-world practice settings. This module provides evidence to support organizational adoption of the CHOICE model of contraceptive care, and background data on unintended pregnancy and LARC.

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Contraceptive CHOICE Project

This section contains materials that describe the study design and methodology of CHOICE, key research findings about contraceptive use, continuation, and satisfaction, and implications supporting adoption of the CHOICE model of contraceptive care in your organization.
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Unintended Pregnancy

This section contains tools to compare national unintended pregnancy data to state-and organizational-level data. This section can be used to help your organization understand its current situation and set goals, and to promote adoption of a more effective model of contraceptive care.
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This section contains data and resources supporting long-acting reversible contraception as the first-line option for all women, including teens. This section can be used to advocate for LARC provision within your organization, seek external funding for LARC, and prepare organizational reports.
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