Training New Counselors

This section contains the program outline, activities, and materials necessary to train non-clinician staff to provide contraceptive counseling to all women, including teens. Medical assistants, health educators, and nurses may benefit from this training course.

Contraceptive Counseling Training Video

Training video of two CHOICE counseling sessions which describes and demonstrates the essential components of contraceptive counseling

Introduction to Contraceptive Counseling Training

CHOICE contraceptive counseling provides accurate, unbiased information about all methods in order of effectiveness, from most to least. This short video provides the perspective from CHOICE participants, which helps trainees understand the CHOICE patient philosophy.

Contraceptive Knowledge Slide Set

Details the effectiveness, mechanism of action, contraindications, advantages and disadvantages of reversible contraceptive methods

GATHER Process

The GATHER Process of counseling uses a patient-centered approach

Essential Counseling Techniques

Review of the counseling techniques that are essential to create an optimal counseling session

Reference Materials

Further resources for contraceptive counselors and training facilitators