Contraceptive Counseling

This module contains the tools necessary to successfully adopt CHOICE contraceptive counseling into your practice. It includes a training program for new contraceptive counselors, materials used during the counseling session, and protocols for testing and ongoing quality assurance. CHOICE contraceptive counseling uses a tier-based approach, presenting all methods in order of most to least effective.

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Training New Counselors

This section contains the program outline, activities, and materials necessary to train non-clinician staff to provide contraceptive counseling to all women, including teens. Medical assistants, health educators, and nurses may benefit from this training course.
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The Counseling Session

This section contains the materials used by staff during a patient’s contraceptive counseling session. This includes the instructions and forms for collecting a medical history, discussing contraceptive options, presenting a case to a clinician, and reviewing method choice.
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Quality Assurance

This section contains essential testing materials administered by training staff and prescribing clinicians to trainees prior to becoming contraceptive counselors, and the quality assurance protocols for ongoing observation and evaluation of trained counselors in your organization.
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